miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

My Studio " artZuza Taller Creativo "

We have new BETA version for my Creative Studio Web

This characters are for a christian tales in 3D, and are Copiright Johan Arzuza and ARTzuza Taller Creativo.
Cuentos cristianos en 3D, por ARTzuza Taller Creativo.
Etiquetas:  3d character, animacion 3d, animacion 3d en colombia, ciudad Robot, cortometraje colombiano, diseño, johan arzuza, Maya, mental Ray, personajes, ROBOT, Cuentos cristianos, parabolas animadas,animacion 3d cuentos cristianos, cuentos cristianos en 3D

2 comentarios:

  1. Johan, Great blog and what a variety of talent you have. Really glad i found it! best of luck to you

  2. Thanks Ty, Happy you like it, You are a great concept artist, great work!
    Follow your blog now!



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